Wheel Loader 918

1. Comes with a Chinese-branded engine
2. Two forward gears, two reverse gears
3. Hydraulic cylinder available with combination seal for reliable leak-free performance

Technical Specification:
Model 918
Length×Width×Height(mm) 5400×1950×2930
Rated load (Kg) 1800
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 1.0
Operating weight(Kg) 5440
Diesel engine LUOTUO YT4A 2-G62-1
Rated output(KW) 45
Transmission case CHANGLIN
Gear positions 2 forward gear, 2 reverse gear
Max. traction (or tractive force )(KN) 62
Max. breakout force(KN) 57
Max. dump clearance(mm) 2490
Dump reach (mm) 840
Wheel base(mm) 2200
Total cycle time (s) 10.2
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