Wheel Loader 966

1. The wheel loader 966 uses engine from Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
2. The KD switch brings optimal efficiency and easy operation of the wheeled loader.
3. Our construction machinery is installed with dry type axle from MERITOR.
4. Reliable ZF gearbox and torque converter.
5. Bucket automatic leveling is available.
6. The boom comes with position limitation function.
7. For high seal performance and optimal reliability, this wheel loader is engineered with combined seal cylinder.

Technical Specification:
Model 966
Length×width×height(mm) 8580×3048×3532
Rated load(Kg) 6000
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 3.5
Operating weight(Kg) 19100
Diesel engine type SHANGCHAI SC11CB240.1G 2B1
Rated output(KW) 174.5
Transmission case type ZF 4WG200
Gear shift position 4 forward and 3 reverse
Max. traction force(KN) 180
Max. breakout force(KN) 190
Max. dump clearance(mm) 3393
Dump reach(mm) 1365
Wheel base(mm) 3300
Total time of elevating, loading and unloading (s) 10.5
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