Structural Parts (for Heavy Equipment)

    1. Excavator Parts At SINOMACH , not only do we manufacture and supply a wide range of construction equipment, but we also make an assortment of OEM quality replacement parts for the most popular makes and models of excavators in the world. The excavator parts from SINOMACH include excavator chassis (lower and upper chassis), undercarriage frame as it is also known, excavator arm or stick, and excavator boom.
    1. Port Equipment Parts Freight pickup is a terminal service that is usually done with a terminal tractor. SINOMACH terminal tractor is constructed with reliable parts purchased from KALMAR, a subordinate brand of CARGOTEC. Using high-grade Q690 steel plates, our IWE (international welding engineer) qualified welders ensure the strength and rigidity of each welded tractor framework. At SINOMACH
    1. Mining Machinery Parts SINOMACH produces a variety of chassis for ATLAS COPCO mining machinery, using world-class steel plates that measure up to ATLAS COPCO standards. The welding operation is performed by IWE qualified welders. Imported machining centers ensure the reliability of the chassis framework.
    1. Injection Molding Machine Parts The monobeam is mainly used for the world-renowned MILACRON brand injection molding machine. Manufactured by senior technicians, it consists of high-quality steel plates that meet international standard and MILACRON standard. Only state-of-the-art working procedures are adopted to ensure high reliability.
    1. Sanitation Machinery Parts As a part of sanitation machinery, the hooklift is basically used to match the world-renowned CARGOTEC HIAB brand and the nationally-renowned VLE brand equipment. It is constructed using high-strength steel plates to meet European standard, thus being lightweight and maximizing the loading capacity.