Road Roller 8302-5

The 8302-5 road roller comes with two sprinkler systems, providing large ballast capacity and ground pressure adjustment. It is applicable to compacting ground surface of asphalt, and base or sub-base layers of various cohesive or non-cohesive materials. As the road roller makes full use of eleven-wheel oscillation, it can achieve high compacting performance.

Technical Specification:
Model 8302-5
Length×width×height(mm) 4945×2844×3393
Max. operating weight(Kg) 30000
Min. operating weight(Kg) 17200
Rolling width(mm) 2718
Tire number 5+6
Turning radius(mm) 9000
Gradient capacity(%) 20
Diesel engine type ShangChai SC8D180G 2B1
Rated output(KW) 132
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