Road Roller 8202-5

Our 8202-5 road roller is widely used to compact asphalt surface, cohesive or non-cohesive base layers, as well as sub-base layers of various materials. It is characterized by eleven-wheel oscillation, ensuring good compacting effect. In addition, this pneumatic roller utilizes dual sprinkler systems with large ballast capacity. Moreover, the ground pressure can be well adjusted to meet different road construction requirements.

Technical Specification:
Model 8202-5
Length×width×height(mm) 5060×2381×3456
Max. operating weight(Kg) 20000
Min. operating weight(Kg) 11800
Rolling width(mm) 2250
Tire number 4+5
Turning radius(mm) 8000
Gradient capacity(%) 20
Diesel engine type YuChai YC6B120-T20
Rated output(KW) 85
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