CLD140-2(S) Bulldozer

Features of CLD140-2(S) Bulldozer
1. Shang Chai 6135AK-8C type engine has the features of strong power, high torque and excellent reliability.
2. Optimum design: Novel design and reliable operation allows the machine to offer an excellent visibility in working.
3. New blade side-tilt function makes earth pushing easier.
4. Gearbox adopts separate-structured main shaft, making mounting, dismounting and maintenance easier.
5. Updated power train
6. A pilot control can be chosen for working equipment of CLD140 to save operating effort.

Technical Data of CLD140-2(S) Bulldozer
Product model CLD140-2(S)
Length×Width×Height(mm) 5400×4000×3977
Operating weight(Kg) 15800/17300
Diesel engine type ShangChai 6135AK-8C
Rated output(KW) 103
Max. lift above ground(mm) 1020/1000
Max. drop below ground(mm) 360/350
Track width(mm) 500/1020
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