CLQY50KA Truck Crane

CLQY50KA Truck Crane

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The classic K series telescopic boom technology provides maximum safety and reliability.
2. Comes with the most complete safety features ever seen in the crane industry.
3. Twin pneumatic circuits for air brake system ensure safety in braking operation.
4. State of the art power steering system is hydraulically powered to offer flexibility, accuracy, and maximum driving safety.
5. High-rigidity slewing platform and base.
6. The entire truck crane is a perfect blend of design and structure, delivering a high level of automation in welding.

Technical Specification:
Model CLQY50KA
Length×width×height(mm) 13770×2800×3570
Operating weight(Kg) 42000
Diesel engine WeiChai WD615.338/ WeiChai WP10.375
Rated output(KW) 276/275
Max load moment(KN.m) 1822
Max. rated lifting capacity (t) 50
Maximum gradeability(%) 40
Max. slewing speed(r/min) 2
Base boom length(m) 11.3
Maximum boom reach (m) 42.7