CLQY25K-II Truck Crane

CLQY25K-II Truck Crane

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Unique boom design features a U-shaped cross section. Flip sheave boom tip (boom head) allows uniform distribution of stress on the boom, thereby achieving smooth lifting operation.
2. Proprietary telescopic boom technology prevents mishandling that might lead to warping of boom, hydraulic cylinder or boom breakage, ensuring safety and reliability.
3. The entire operating system has 8 patented technologies built in it, making lifting, rotation and boom reach adjustment easy and effortless.
4. Six propriety process technologies ensure quality of boom truck crane.
5. Innovative boom system features built-in boom slides, flip-sheave boom tip, and a unique boom with octagonal cross section, providing excellent lifting performance and reliable operation.
6. Large-torque hydraulic motor ensure safety during the second lifting cycle.
7. Torque limiter comes with a color LCD screen for fault diagnosis, delivering industry-leading precision.
8. User-friendly driver cab provides a wide space for easy and effortless operation.

Technical Specification:
Model CLQY25K-II
Length×Width×Height(mm) 12650×2500×3380
Operating weight(Kg) 29400
Diesel engine WeiChai WD615.329 / ShangChai SC8DK280Q3
Rated output(KW) 213/206
Max. load moment(KN.m) 1010
Max. total rated lifting capacity (t) 25
Maximum gradeability(%) 30
Max. slewing speed(r/min) 2.5
Base boom length(m) 10.7
Max. boom reach (m) 34.19