ZG3485LC-9C Hydraulic Excavator

Main Features of the Excavator
1. The heavy construction equipment carries an original Cummins electronic fuel injection engine imported from the U.S. which provides outstanding durability, large power, high reliability, low oil consumption and compliance with Euro II emission qualification.
2. It applies a state of the art Japan made negative flow control hydraulic system that offers excellent performance and ensures high working efficiency.
3. Specially designed for mining purposes, the excavator boasts more reasonable working range, larger digging force and higher structural intensity.
4. Due to high strength side box beam, X type mid-beam, reliable Italian chassis parts, the mining machine comes with a higher loading capacity.
5. Intelligent electronic monitoring system provides real time monitoring, automatic fault diagnosis and warning, maintenance reminding functions.
6. New driver cab is provided with a fully automatic air conditioning. It is spacious and comfortable, and comes with an eye-catching appearance. The cab is available in various protections for different working conditions.
7. Equipped with a rock bucket of extra large capacity, cab protection device, automatic refueling system and optional crusher, this series excavator is ideal for mining applications.
8. It adopts an American Horton cooling fan with large air volume and high efficiency, which can be equipped with an optional electrical silicone oil clutch and control system for intelligent speed control, thus ensuring more energy efficiency and lower noise.

Technical Parameters of the Excavator
Model ZG3485LC-9C
Length ×Width ×Height (mm) 12040×3280×3280
Operating weight (Kg) 48000
Rated bucket capacity (m3) 2.2
Max. digging depth (mm) 7862
Max. digging radius (mm) 12027
Max. digging height (mm) 10897
Max. digging force (KN) 290
Gradeability (%) 70
Diesel engine Cummins QSM11-C375
Rated output (KW) 280
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