ZG3365LC-9C Hydraulic Excavator

Main Features
1. The ZG3365LC-9C excavator employs the original Cummins C series engine imported from the US, which provides outstanding durability and suitability for high strength and heavy load works in harsh conditions, combined with strong power, low oil consumption and compliance with Euro II emission qualification.
2. Under a negative flow and total power control system with action coordination function, the digging machine has large digging force, high efficiency and perfect flexibility.
3. Equipped with High strength large structural components, heavy moving arm and bucket rod, reinforced bucket and anti-collision platform, the excavator can be used in severe working conditions such as mine.
4. It is provided with a lengthened and widened chassis, ensuring high strength, higher safety and stability.
5. Intelligent electronic monitoring system provides real time monitoring, automatic fault diagnosis and warning, maintenance reminding functions.
6. The mine excavator comes with a new driver cab that has a fully automatic air conditioning, and offers spacious and comfortable driving feeling. The cab comes in various protections for different working conditions.
7. Automatic refueling system is optional. One-key operation makes it easy to use.

Technical Parameters of the Excavator
Model ZG3365LC-9C
Length ×Width ×Height (mm) 11140×3280×3280
Operating weight (Kg) 34000
Rated bucket capacity (m3) 1.5
Max. digging depth (mm) 7380
Max. digging radius (mm) 11110
Max. digging height (mm) 10210
Max. digging force (KN) 210
Gradeability (%) 70
Diesel engine Cummins 6CTAA8.3-C250
Rated output (KW) 186
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