Road Roller YZK14HD with Rexroth

Structures of Road Roller YZK14HD with Rexroth :
1. Equipped with reliable genuine Cummins engine
2. Hydrostatic travel, vibration drive and stepless speed regulating.
3. Double frequency & Double amplitude and super centrifugal force create strong compacting effect
4. Dismountable PD model consist of 3 segments.

Features of Road Roller YZK14HD with Rexroth :
1. Reasonable configuration, reliable performance, and high working efficiency hydraulic components
2. Operator's station is designed for comfort and safety whether fully-adjustable or suspension-mounted operator's seat.
Applications of Road Roller YZK14HD with Rexroth :
Commonly referred to as a kind of construction machinery/construction equipment, a road Roller YZK14HD with Rexroth is widely used to compress the surface being rolled to ensure a smooth, even result on the construction site such as road-making, runway of the airport, and building.

Specifications of Road Roller YZK14HD with Rexroth :
Model YZ(K)14HD
Length×width×height(mm) 6095×2300×3055
Operating weight(Kg) 13630(15130)
Nominal amplitude high/low(mm) 2.08/1.02(1.48/0.73)
Frequency(HZ) 31/35
Centrifugal-Force high/low(KN) 292/182
Gradient capacity (%) 40(30)
Wheel base(mm) 2946
Diesel engine type Dongfeng Cummins 6BT5.9
Rated output(KW) 110
SINOMACH construction machinery/construction equipment(eg. wheel loaders, road rollers, motor graders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, pavers, concrete truck mixers, Truck Mounted Crane ) create values for customers
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