8015L Road Roller

Main Features
The 8015L series road roller employs CF186F in-line direct injection air cooling diesel engine. It is designed with both electrical and manual starting devices, driven by double-drum. Each drum comes with two mud scraping fenders. The direction is changed by means of rubber tires. The engineering vehicle comes with a handlebar for manual operation on ground.

Technical Parameters of the Road Roller
Model 8015L
Length × Width × Height (mm) 2330×900×1050
Operating weight (Kg) 770
Nominal Amplitude high/low (mm) 0.25
Frequency (HZ) 48
Centrifugal force high/low (KN) 12
Gradeability (%) 25
Wheel base(mm) 470
Diesel engine type Changfa CF186F
Rated output(KW) 5.68
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