8125HL Double Steel Drum Hydraulic Vibrating Road Roller

8125HL Double Steel Drum Hydraulic Vibrating Road Roller

Main Features
1. The 8125HL road roller adopts Cummins B series water-cooled diesel engine with high coefficient of power reserve.
2. The hydrostatic and all-wheel drive system is driven by hydraulic motor, with two-gear continuously variable speed.
3. Dual frequency and amplitudes vibration device comes with imported plunger pumps and motors.
4. Articulated steering mechanism and unique crab walk type travel mechanism deliver high flexibility and maneuverability.
5. Built-in wet type multiple-disc brake is used to brake in emergency circumstances by fuel cut-off, which greatly improves the operation safety and reliability.
6. The whole construction machine comes with a striking appearance in streamline design. The front preposed control board offers a great vision.
7. You can enjoy driving in the spacious and comfortable cab that is equipped with double steering wheels and seats for convenient operation.
8. Electrically controlled water spraying system of the road roller comes with a large capacity FRP water tank.

Technical Parameters of the Road Roller
Model 8125HL
Length × Width × Height (mm) 5360×2270×2970
Operating weight (Kg) 12000
Nominal Amplitude high/low (mm) 0.74/0.35
Frequency (HZ) 40/50
Centrifugal force high/low (KN) 150×2/99×2
Gradeability (%) 40
Wheel base (mm) 3440
Diesel engine type Cummins 4BTA3.9
Rated output (KW) 93
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