CPD20-AC3 Forklift Truck

Features of the Electric Forklift
1. Ergonomic design ensures more comfortable operation.
2. Parking brake of the electric forklift truck is designed to the standards of ISO3691.
3. Traditional color.
4. Battery cover comes with a spring-like auto lock design, ensuring easier change of battery.
5. Perfect electric lift truck with imported state of the art AC controller (new series).
6. It is easy for the battery powered forklift to replace battery due to a design option that the battery can be changed from its side.
7. A lifting hook is designed to take out the battery and put it on the ground without having to use a trolley, thus saving cost.
8. The lifting truck is designed with a big LED dashboard on which fault code is shown in English.
9. A big rubber pad is also available.

Technical Parameters of the Electric Forklift
Model CPD20-AC3
Power type Electric
Length × Width × Height (mm) 2342×1265×2006
Operating weight (Kg) 3700
Rated capacity (Kg) 2000
Load center (mm) 500
Lift height (mm) 3000
Fork size (mm) 1070×122×40
Turning radius (mm) 2090
Battery voltage (V/AH) 48/630
Battery weight (Kg) 1050
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